This Diwali,make it an ECO-friendly Diwali - Humanitarianism Humanitarianism--spread humanity..
I am sure most of you must have read the 'Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali' article in
Young Bhaskar
(a supplement of Dainik Bhaskar newspaper).
Well,this idea is just superb! Why don't you try celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali this time?

You all know that Diwali celebrations are now more associated with pollution than their traditional significance.In our zest to celebrate Diwali,we go overboard. Carelessness during Diwali celebrations can have a detrimental effect on the environment.So we need to take care of what we do.Many times when I tell my family that I wouldn't burn firecrackers or I would only use eco-friendly firecrackers,they find it irritating.But you have to live with the truth-Firecrackers can cause excessive air pollution and noise pollution.Any sound beyond 50 decibels is classified as being noise.Diwali favorites like 'Laxmi bomb' produce a sound of 100 decibels when they burst.
The noise produced by these firecrackers are extremely hazardous to health.Sudden noise can cause temporary hearing loss or even permanent deafness,sometimes,it can even lead to heart attack for a heart patient.Well you never see who is passing by,do you? Children burst crackers on the roads.Besides,this noise can cause extreme and hazardous anxiety in small toddlers and household pets.You would know if you have one. Plus,this can lead to disturbances in sleep of young toddlers and the elderly.

Before you take any action,you need to know the reason why you have to take action.
Here is a list of toxic substances present in firecrackers which are not just harmful to human beings,but to all living creatures. They tend to remain in the atmosphere for extended periods:
#Copper: Causes irritation in the respiratory tract,which leads to respiratory ailments.
#Cadmium: Reduces oxygen carrying capacity of blood,causing anaemia;causes kidney damage.
#Lead: When present in the body,it can have harmful effects on the nervous system.
#Magnesium: Magnesium fumes cause a condition known as mental fume fever.
#Zinc: Also causes mental fume fever.It also induces vomiting.
#Sodium:Being highly reactive,it combines with moisture in air and on skin,causing burns.

Therefore,it is required that minimal use of firecrackers should be done,even when they are eco-friendly.And when in community celebrations (a very good option-less costly,more eco-friendly),large open spaces should be chosen as the venue,crowded places should should never be opted for as the possibility of mishaps reduces when in large open grounds).
Here is some information about eco-friendly firecrackers:
-->These crackers don't cause any kind of serious mishap like burns and fires. Besides, these new crackers can be used in indoor parties and functions also. These crackers work on the principle of vacuum pressure.As these crackers are based on vacuum combustion technique, no smoke or fire is emitted, making them safe even for small children. These crackers make sound with colourful pieces of paper.So we see,these are cheaper and better for the environment and hence,the best choice.
And not only this,sometimes,when you put fire to rockets,they shoot off towards unexpected places,it might be an old tree,some poor person's home,or anything,you never know.So this is a humble request to you that if you want to burst crackers as Diwali wouldn't be fun without firecrackers,then please use eco-friendly ones.Remember this for every Diwali.

-Ayushi Sharma

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