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First of all,I would like to thank certain students of Advanced Academy,Indore who visited our School
Delhi Public School,Indore on 29 October 2010, to create awareness about the same.
They told us about various important things related to Elephants,like their dung contains Methane gas which can be used to generate huge amounts of electricity.
India is home to 60% of the remaining Asian elephant populations making their survival in India critical to the survival of the species as a whole.We must do something to preserve these species as extinction of any specie leads to an imbalance in the ecological system and can ultimately lead to end of human.So if human doesn't care for it,it is indirectly going to harm human himself.If we do not take care of them,who will??

Sarcastically,we have reached such a phase where we humans seem to rule and nature,our servant,struggles to survive.

Habitat loss, leading to fragmentation, is a serious threat to the Indian elephants. Habitat fragmentation results in small isolated populations of elephants which are vulnerable to extinctions. Large animals like elephants require substantial areas to support them. If protected areas are not large enough, elephants may search for food elsewhere. This often results in conflicts with humans, due to elephants raiding or destroying crops.
Besides,killing them just for the sake of ivory and tusks isn't fair enough.We cannot see just our own present profit as in the long run,this is a very dangerous thing and God forbid,if one day we reach a situation when elephants,trees,nature has vanished and we are on our deathbed,then it would be too late to regret.So we better take action now.

Some of these fellow students of Advanced Academy told us about their visit to some national park.A shocking thing that they saw there was that very large space had been given to one tiger while comparingly quite less space had been given to a pair of elephants.This is another major problem.Elephants are big animals and need large space.

-Ayushi Sharma

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