Humanitarianism--spread humanity..
Anybody and everybody should involve in some kind of social work, be it big or small, because it is work that we complete without any mercenary or hateful mindsets. Today, I am talking about something similar. Yes, I am talking about the Jewels Of Jaipur.

The Jewels Of Jaipur have successfully carried out their Holi campaign 'Precious Colors'. They have successfully accumulated 39hours!! of social work! 

This is what they quoted- 

'We promised to spread precious colors of Holi and we keep our promises. In our Holi campaign we had the motto of 1 comment = 1 hour of Social work. Thank you for giving us 39 hours of Social Work during this. We are painting Jaipur's school- Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Deaf, Dumb & Blind School. We are happy to share with you that the work is in progress!'

They kept their promise.

And I would gladly like to tell you that I have been titled by JOJ as the 'Holi Volunteer' by contributing the maximum hours. Here is what they quoted- 

'Our Holi campaign is over and the social work is ahead to be started. Today, we would like to announce Ms. Ayushi Sharma as our Holi Volunteer for her kind heart as she has given us the maximum number of hours for our social work. We thank you whole heartedly. '

Well, thankyou JOJ!. I suggest you all to join their family by liking their page on facebook here and participating in their contests for winning gifts and also for helping them in social work sometimes by adding comments,I myself have won 4 gifts till now. :)

Have a nice day and involve in social work like feeding street dogs, etc.!

-Ayushi Sharma

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