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As Diwali approaches, there is happiness all around.People light up their houses and one can easily notice the sound of firecrackers which almost all households spend large money and time on,firecrackers form a prominent part of Diwali celebration.We forget all our worries and celebrate this most popular festival of India with great joy and pomp.But little do we know that this could be really dangerous to some.

Firecrackers are known to cause air pollution as well as noise pollution and are extremely harmful for senior citizens and small children.Pets such as dogs and cats also suffer on account of firecrackers as animals have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans.It is important for each one of us to act as responsible citizens and discourage the use of firecrackers.YOU have to take care of this Earth because you live on it.
Deep inside in our hearts, we all know that bursting firecrackers has some harm to cause to the nature.But actions speak louder than words.Can we be responsible citizens and keep in mind to take care of the givings of nature? Human has always been selfish.But a single effort can make huge changes,don't forget that.Besides,firecrackers are one of the major causes of hearing loss, high blood pressure, sleeping disturbances.Do you know that bursting firecrackers could even lead to serious problems like permanent deafness,asthma,bronchitis,heart attack,etc.?
Just for the mere joy,would you like it that someone would die? Numerous mishaps can take place.

Okay,now imagine.Imagine that you are celebrating Diwali and you are really very happy and in a joyous mood.You and your friends are bursting crackers.You have put fire to a bomb(firecracker) and you have kept it on the road.You have fled and are eagerly waiting for the merry explosion.Suddenly, a heart attack patient walks by(he does not know about the bomb) and the bomb explodes that millisecond and that man has a heart attack and his condition becomes really serious.Will you be able to forgive yourself? What if it was a cat or a dog?

Why is it that we understand the real importance of something until we ourselves experience it??
This is a very good chance for all you readers to escape any future blunders.
So let's say NO to firecrackers this time.Diwali is not all about firecrackers..
There are various other ways in which you can celebrate Diwali and have fun.How about having a get-together?Or why don't you do some social work??..That is one of the best things you can do..
I hope you will join me in this campaign. If you are really impressed with this article,then please write to me.I guess I am too late this time.Next year,I will give out online forms.

-Ayushi Sharma
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