Plants do have life;don't pluck leaves or flowers. - Humanitarianism Humanitarianism--spread humanity..
Recently,when I and some of my friends were roaming around in our school during recess,one of my friends started plucking flowers and started playing with them.When I tried to stop her,she said that it was no big deal..When I told her that plants and flowers have life and she shouldn't do this to them,the reply that I got was that there are millions of flowers and plants in this world and it wouldn't matter if the number was reduced by a 100.

What do you think??Do you do this very often? Well then try to stop yourself every time you do such a thing.
Plants are living organisms and they are sure to get hurt if we pluck them.Besides,if you are continuously doing this and to a great extent,it is possible that it might lead to an unbalance in the ecological system.It is ultimately going to harm the human specie.Why not be a little more careful next time?Be a plant saver.If you cannot plant saplings,then you really have no right to destroy them or cause any harm to them.And if you can,planting new saplings is a really wonderful thing,be sure to try it out and you will get one of the best feelings in the world,the feeling of pride,but for something good that you've done.Why not stop others when you see them plucking leaves or flowers??If you call yourself socialized,then you have to take the initiative.Again,
keep in mind..Every BIG thing has a small beginning.

Once when I was in my school bus,I realized that the girl sitting next to me was plucking leaves from trees and also motivating others to do the same.That day,I told her not to do so and explained her the reason.Adding to it,I said,"How would you feel if someone plucked a hair from your head??".
Since that day,she quit plucking leaves and now she gives the same so called 'lecture' to anyone whom she sees doing the same.I feel really good.

Believe me,you should try some social work like this. Nothing is better than contributing to humanity.And one more thing,when you are in school and you are called on the ground and made to sit,your hands automatically start plucking grass.It used to happen with me also but now I be very careful about this.

For all those people who are in the habit of plucking leaves and flowers randomly:
So what do you think now??Are you still wanting to continue it??
3/19/2012 18:30:37

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