Humanitarianism--spread humanity..
It is high time people realize the need to grow humane.If we were, then today, we would be living a much better life..but that is just unimaginable.We throw things on the road because we don't care if the road's getting dirty or if the city's getting dirty or if our planet's getting dirty.
We poach,we hunt,we mistreat,we kill animals for the sake of money.We spit on the planet we live on.And there's probably no humanity left in this world.But even today,when some people show their existence by being human,a light lights in my heart;they show that there is still hope.A salute to such people..
  Sometimes I wonder if the world would really change for good.Because in today's world,even this thought is unthinkable.People don't care.All they do and want to do in life is just to have some fun mixed with odiousness.I want them to know that saying words like 'wtf' or 'omfg', or making fun of others just to please yourself doesn't make you cool..

If people realize their mistakes now,just believe,it's never too late!The first thing people need to do is to humanize.We evolved,we developed a technological world for us,all for good.Now the next best thing is to humanize.And to humanize,we need to stop doing all those bad things we have been doing until now and we will make the world a better place to live in.Well that's pretty much easy if we try...

-Ayushi Sharma

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