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[I had to write this article as a part of my classwork.The newspaper information given in this article is not true.This is because it had to be written according to the question.The preceding is highlighted.]

The system of dowry has been followed since years.A dowry is money or property that the boy or his parents demand from the girl's family. Very commonly,when the girl's parents are unable to satisfy the
greedy demands of the boy's family,the girl is beaten,and sometimes even burnt.The purpose of this article is to create awareness towards eradication of dowry.

Every week,there is some news about a dowry death in the newspaper.This social evil is spreading very rapidly. When the girl's family is unable to meet the demands,it develops stress and numerous
disparities in the family. The girl becomes a burden.Why should the girl face so much trouble for something that she didn't do? Bihar is one of those states where dowry is very common. If dowry is not
eradicated,we can probably end up in a doomsday. Recently, the newspaper stated that a girl refused to marry a boy who demanded dowry.The country is really proud of such people and dowry should be
discouraged. If we are able to eradicate dowry,we are saving the lives of thousands of girls.

In conclusion,I would like to say that dowry should be banned totally.Each individual can contribute by trying to cause awareness about the terrible dowry system. It's like a business transaction.

[Don't you think you should do something?Even a little help matters.Make some time for your country,for those people who have to face extreme torments.]

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