Humanitarianism--spread humanity..
Anybody and everybody should involve in some kind of social work, be it big or small, because it is work that we complete without any mercenary or hateful mindsets. Today, I am talking about something similar. Yes, I am talking about the Jewels Of Jaipur.

The Jewels Of Jaipur have successfully carried out their Holi campaign 'Precious Colors'. They have successfully accumulated 39hours!! of social work! 

This is what they quoted- 

'We promised to spread precious colors of Holi and we keep our promises. In our Holi campaign we had the motto of 1 comment = 1 hour of Social work. Thank you for giving us 39 hours of Social Work during this. We are painting Jaipur's school- Seth Anandi Lal Poddar Deaf, Dumb & Blind School. We are happy to share with you that the work is in progress!'

They kept their promise.

And I would gladly like to tell you that I have been titled by JOJ as the 'Holi Volunteer' by contributing the maximum hours. Here is what they quoted- 

'Our Holi campaign is over and the social work is ahead to be started. Today, we would like to announce Ms. Ayushi Sharma as our Holi Volunteer for her kind heart as she has given us the maximum number of hours for our social work. We thank you whole heartedly. '

Well, thankyou JOJ!. I suggest you all to join their family by liking their page on facebook here and participating in their contests for winning gifts and also for helping them in social work sometimes by adding comments,I myself have won 4 gifts till now. :)

Have a nice day and involve in social work like feeding street dogs, etc.!

-Ayushi Sharma

EDIT: I am an atheist now.
Which religion do you prefer? Hinduism? Christianity? Islam?
How many people follow your religion? Well, those are just numbers.
Whichever religion you prefer,none teaches you savagery or brutality. But I would never prefer being a Christian, not because I do not appreciate Christianity, but because the society that I live in does not allow it.
Society imposes restrictions on an individual.
Besides,the truth is, that your true religion is humanitarianism.
And if it isn't, then you are no use to this world.
  There is one Lord to rule us all, and he wants to talk to you.

What, according to you, is the mission of your life?
Are you here for fun? No. You are here to bring a change in the world. You are responsible for preserving the meaning of the word 'HUMAN'. And in this mission, you are not alone. The world still has a good number of humanitarians, DO NOT LET THEM DOWN. Humanity and inhumanity are just two sides of the coin and the world's future is upon what you choose.

Talking about belief, the obvious question is, that
It is not that I do not believe in God;I truly believe in God,I believe he is next to me all the time. But there are just a few questions left unanswered.
How did humans know about God's existence? And if your answer is The Bible or The Ramayana, the question is, that how did humans know about it? The question is that why does God not punish cruel people or why does he let innocent people be mistreated? The question can also be that why do you use a 'he' instead of a 'she' for God? But that is not the point here. And these questions do not pose a question about God's existence but just impose a desperate quest to learn more about him.

Besides, if you can believe in ghosts and evil spirits, why can't you believe in God? You probably believe in ghosts just because you are afraid of the dark and you call fairies and unicorns as hoax because the concept is full of innocence. Neither exists, O human. God exists, and he is your creator, learn to respect him. You might not believe in him, but never disrespect him,never.

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[I had to write this article as a part of my classwork.The newspaper information given in this article is not true.This is because it had to be written according to the question.The preceding is highlighted.]

The system of dowry has been followed since years.A dowry is money or property that the boy or his parents demand from the girl's family. Very commonly,when the girl's parents are unable to satisfy the
greedy demands of the boy's family,the girl is beaten,and sometimes even burnt.The purpose of this article is to create awareness towards eradication of dowry.

Every week,there is some news about a dowry death in the newspaper.This social evil is spreading very rapidly. When the girl's family is unable to meet the demands,it develops stress and numerous
disparities in the family. The girl becomes a burden.Why should the girl face so much trouble for something that she didn't do? Bihar is one of those states where dowry is very common. If dowry is not
eradicated,we can probably end up in a doomsday. Recently, the newspaper stated that a girl refused to marry a boy who demanded dowry.The country is really proud of such people and dowry should be
discouraged. If we are able to eradicate dowry,we are saving the lives of thousands of girls.

In conclusion,I would like to say that dowry should be banned totally.Each individual can contribute by trying to cause awareness about the terrible dowry system. It's like a business transaction.

[Don't you think you should do something?Even a little help matters.Make some time for your country,for those people who have to face extreme torments.]

It is high time people realize the need to grow humane.If we were, then today, we would be living a much better life..but that is just unimaginable.We throw things on the road because we don't care if the road's getting dirty or if the city's getting dirty or if our planet's getting dirty.
We poach,we hunt,we mistreat,we kill animals for the sake of money.We spit on the planet we live on.And there's probably no humanity left in this world.But even today,when some people show their existence by being human,a light lights in my heart;they show that there is still hope.A salute to such people..
  Sometimes I wonder if the world would really change for good.Because in today's world,even this thought is unthinkable.People don't care.All they do and want to do in life is just to have some fun mixed with odiousness.I want them to know that saying words like 'wtf' or 'omfg', or making fun of others just to please yourself doesn't make you cool..

If people realize their mistakes now,just believe,it's never too late!The first thing people need to do is to humanize.We evolved,we developed a technological world for us,all for good.Now the next best thing is to humanize.And to humanize,we need to stop doing all those bad things we have been doing until now and we will make the world a better place to live in.Well that's pretty much easy if we try...

-Ayushi Sharma